This week was filled with good back-to-school vibrations, as well as other stories, including HEART getting a new rescue boat. Find them all below.

'Sort of who I am': Cree youth from northern Manitoba hopes to inspire others with science videos

A single eagle feather sits on the kitchen table in Simon Monteith's home. 

Next to it is an array of household products including hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, food colouring and a baking dish. 

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'I like to see the crops grow and see what God has done': 105-year-old farmer

A thousand acres, a few good friends, and a whole lot of faith are keeping a 105-year-old farmer going just south of the border.

Earl Mallinger operates a 1,000-acre beet farm outside Oslo, Minn., where he was born in 1917. Through the years he's seen a lot of good and bad while working the land, including plenty of years with difficult flooding along the Red River, he tells WDAY TV from Fargo, N.D.

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Hip-Hop with a higher purpose: Mission-driven music inspires listeners

When award-winning hip-hop artist Brinson Wright was just four years old, he was given a cassette tape containing the song 'Bible Break' by Stephen Wiley (regarded as the godfather of Christian rap). That planted a seed in his heart. 

Brinson grew up knowing that the spoken rhymes of rap and the spoken words of the gospel were not mutually exclusive and that music and ministry could be intertwined and used to edify and reach the often unreachable youth audience. 

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City murals tell stories of growth, love and renewal

Winnipeg artists are bringing life and colour to the city with large murals for the West End Biz's Renewal Art Project.

Beginning earlier this month, artists of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds have come together to create 12 vibrant monuments in the west end of Winnipeg, 943 portage Avenue, where onlookers can determine the meaning.

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Getting a healthy mindset for back to school

With the beginning of school nearing, many families are preparing with buying school supplies, but what about mentally preparing for school?

Once September long weekend passes, school begins and not many welcome this transition. There are a few, who are not parents, that look forward to school starting up again.

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'Getting Worked Up': Matt Falk drops new episode with Dry Bar Comedy

Niverville's Matt Falk has a brand-new episode out on Dry Bar Comedy affectionately named 'Getting Worked Up'

Falk says the episode was launched online this past Friday and it has been exciting to get feedback throughout the weekend. 

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'Lovely young woman': 20-year-old homicide victim remembered fondly

A young woman identified as a homicide victim in Steinbach over the weekend is being remembered as a passionate and caring youth worker.

"We are heartbroken to learn of the passing of Mackaylah Gerard-Roussin," Rossbrook House says in a social media post on Monday. Rossbrook House is a youth drop-in centre in Winnipeg.

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From undercover narcotic agent to federal prison: How Norm Wielsch found healing in God

As a police officer for 25 years, Norm Wielsch witnessed his share of trauma and would later fall into a downward spiral following his diagnosis of PTSD. He served 8 years of a 14-year sentence on corruption charges and emerged from federal prison determined to help others — particularly first responders — heal from trauma.

In 1998, he was diagnosed with an incurable neuro-muscular disease, and after more than 30 surgeries, he became addicted to opioids. Wielsch was diagnosed with PTSD, and then his daughter was diagnosed with a serious illness and given a poor prognosis. In a downward spiral, Wielsch made a series of bad decisions that landed him in federal prison.

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Fundamental education opportunity with toddler basketball program

With the start of school beginning soon, parents of younger children are looking for things to do, and Little Ballers is doing just that with their program that offers education and physical activity.

"So, Little Ballers is a basketball fundamental and movement fundamental program for preschool-age children and earlier children, if our participants can walk, so basically starting at like 10-11 months, they can join with a parent, and then it goes up to eight years old," says Amy Ogidan Barlow, co-founder of Little Ballers. "The bulk of our programming is preschool-age kids that haven't started school yet, but then we do have a section for five to eight-year-olds that we call Big Ballers."

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Crazy joy: Finding wild happiness in a world that's upside down

Mary Katherine Backstrom is best known for her viral videos, candid writing and laughter. What most people often forget is that underneath all of that, MK struggles with multiple diagnoses of mental health, including anxiety and depression. 

"I am somewhat known for my hysterical laughter and silly, lighthearted antics, and so I have often gotten the question and the comments on my Facebook page and social media asking, how are you so happy all the time? And this book that I've written, Crazy Joy, is an answer to that question because it was bothering me."

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God is captain on new emergency response boat

Hutterian Emergency Aquatic Response Team (HEART) announces the completion of its new boat and praises God for providing them with the new equipment.

On August 29, the HEART Team announced on Facebook that their new boat, the Stabicraft 2500 ultracab XL has been completed and is ready to get on the water to save lives.

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How a Winnipeg science teacher finds God's peace in the midst of turmoil and is hoping you will too

A Winnipeg science teacher is hoping "to provide people with the hope that even though we are in a liminal time of no-longer-this & not-yet-that, nevertheless peace can still reign in our hearts." And, he's doing it through art.

Andrew Hiebert is a senior physics & chemistry teacher at MBCI in Winnipeg, teaching chemistry and physics, as well as a professional artist. For Hiebert, science draws him closer to God and understanding God.

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Manitoba Christian Universities welcome students back to 'regular' year

Providence University College and Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) are both thrilled to welcome students back this academic year

Cheryl Pauls, President of CMU, says the past two years were, 'blessedly boring as well as the most wild ride.'

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Jews and Christians enjoy new VR, multimedia exhibits in Jerusalem's Old City

The variety of hi-tech religious attractions beckoning Jewish and Christian visitors and pilgrims to Jerusalem keeps getting richer.

In July, after five years of work, Father Francesco Patton inaugurated the multimedia exhibition “The Experience of Resurrection,” housed at the Franciscans’ Christian Information Center located inside the Old City’s Jaffa Gate. The 200-square-meter (656-square-foot) installation, spread over six rooms, takes 40 minutes to view. Visitors select from 13 languages to hear the multimedia presentation.

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Joy like a mountain: How God helped Talasi Guerra overcome anorexia and depression

Talasi Guerra is a Christian author and communicator who is passionate about infusing Jesus into her everyday life and empowering others to do the same.

Having travelled across the globe to spread a message of hope, nothing excites Talasi more than watching a “light-bulb moment” happen. But it wasn't always that way.

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Siloam Mission announces new van, signaling more help for community

A generous donation means Siloam Mission will be offering even more jobs to those looking for a fresh start in life. 

On Friday morning, Siloam Mission unveiled a new delivery van for its social enterprise laundry program. This means giving jobs to even more people experiencing homelessness.

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