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Steven Curtis Chapman first Christian artist to win BMI Icon Award

On June 14 Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) will give out its first-ever icon music award to a Christian artist, Steven Curtis Chapman. 

The company hosts a BMI Christian Awards event each year at BMI’s Nashville office. 

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Canada celebrates final days of Queen's Platinum Jubilee festivities

Canadians across the country organized parties, donned traditional British garb and planted trees over the weekend as they joined the world in celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee marking her 70 years on the throne.

The Canadian festivities were more muted affairs compared to the boisterous, four-day party that took place in London in honour of the occasion. 

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Renowned worship leader Yancy authors Sweet Sound: The Power of Discipling Kids in Worship

Renowned worship leader, Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter and producer of hundreds of songs sung globally, Yancy Wideman Richmond can now add author to her list of titles.

Full of prophetic, practical, and power-filled truth, Yancy's new book, Sweet Sound: The Power of Discipling Kids in Worshipencompasses her life ministry of leading kids into the presence of Jesus by using examples from the life of King David as well as her personal experiences. 

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It's happening: new date announced for the FOR KING & COUNTRY concert!

After two years of delays, fans will finally have a chance to see For King & Country in concert in Winnipeg.

Monday morning fans of the band received a surprise email from the Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg, announcing the long awaited date for the band's arrival to the city.

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Last coffee break blesses mental health team

The Recovery of Hope counselling team in Winnipeg were the happy recipients of CHVN's last Brewed with Gratitude coffee break Tuesday morning. 

The counsellors at Recovery of Hope had many of their sessions online with individuals during the pandemic. Some of the counsellors are still working from home approaching the summer months, however, there was some staff in the building located at 900 Harrow Ave. East. 

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Beating cancer and surviving COVID-19: The miraculous journey of Pastor Lee McClelland

He's a man of miracles or at least a man who has experienced miraculous healing more than once.

Lee McClelland is a pastor at The Ark Church Belfast in Northern Ireland.

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How does living near trails reduce the risk of heart disease?

For any person living near a trail or walking/biking path, a new study is showing it can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 8 per cent. 

"If you build it, they will come, and maybe even live longer," says Dr. Jon McGavock, professor of pediatrics and child health at the Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences in a recent news release.

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Music therapist hopes new single inspires deeper faith in God

Winnipeg Christian artist and music therapist, Danielle Savard is excited to share more about her upcoming single and accompanying music video.

"Currently I am with Shalom World Christian TV Network doing a music video," says Danielle Savard. "They came here on Sunday, we worked yesterday and today. We're doing a music video and an artist profile on their program called Beats."

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Woman who experienced poverty and war helping provide brighter future for children

A woman who grew up in a war torn country is now giving back to children facing the same situation as she was, with her foundation in Winnipeg. 

"Ozanna Foundation has been a dream and a vision of mine since I was a child," says Helen Salako, the founder of Ozanna Foundation. "I've always had an impression in my spirit to be able to help children that experience poverty and war." 

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Canoes, family and God: An epic month-long adventure

Imagine being on a canoe for a month with four kids, a dog, camping gear and enough food to last a month. That is what the Driedger family is doing. 

Rachel and Eric Driedger realized they have a short time frame to go on adventures with their kids before they start getting jobs and responsibilities of their own.

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Helping spread God's word across Canada in over 70 languages

The Canadian Bible Society is now able to share the Bible with many people across the country in people's 'heart language.'

Majd Alajji is the Regional Manager for the Prairies and Northwest Territories with the Canadian Bible Society (CBS). He works closely with diaspora churches, which are churches mainly filled with people from different cultures, countries, or backgrounds. CBS has access to Bibles translated into 71 different languages for people, churches, and ministries in Canada. 

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Mental health program aims to help ever-growing population mentally affected by pandemic

The Manitoba Government announces that it will continue funding the locally developed mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBTm) program by offering a $700,000 investment.

Yesterday, Mental Health and Community Wellness Minister Sarah Guilllemard shared in a media release that the Government of Manitoba wants to show its support for those who have been struggling mentally. The CBTm aims to help people who sign up to learn and practice skills that are designed to improve their mental health.

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What's Here Now?: How to stop rehashing the past, rehearsing the future and receiving the present

What keeps people from experiencing peace in their lives?  

Jeanne Stevens is the lead pastor of Soul City Church in Chicago, Illinois and author of What's Here Now?: How to Stop Rehashing the Past and Rehearsing the Future--and Start Receiving the Present.

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Chaplain has faith in the blue and gold

The reigning champions for the past two seasons, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are thrilled to start off their season with a home opener game this evening with a chapel just before.

"The guys are super excited," says Lorne Korol, the chaplain of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers with Athletes in Action. "This is the time of year with a fresh start with new life. Everybody's got lots of hopes, lots of dreams and goals. I'm really excited that our guys are willing and open to put God first."

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WATCH: Matthew West releases sentimental music video before Father's Day

In an ode to being a father, Matthew West's latest single and music video portrays the love of a father for his daughter. 

"I always say that there’s a piece of my girls in every song I write," says West in an interview. "But some songs hit even closer to home for me. This is one of those songs."

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