Lives being saved, events that profess the name of Jesus and the hope He brings, and answering life's toughest questions. These are just a few of the good news stories we shared this week. 

Queen lauds Minnesota church's century of Norwegian worship

Before attending the packed Sunday morning service, Queen Sonja of Norway praised Mindekirken congregation for having maintained worship in Norwegian for all 100 years that the church has existed in Minneapolis.
“It's extraordinary to realize that, one hundred years after, Mindekirken is still fulfilling that purpose” of building community and preserving culture and language, she said to the nearly 500 people in attendance. They had lined up for more than an hour in this modest neighborhood in brisk fall weather in the 40s — single digits in Celsius, just as in Oslo — to participate in the service. 

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Back to Square One: 'Leaving a legacy of something beautiful for God'

Square One World Media is celebrating 75 years of sharing the gospel with people across Canada and the world through different forms of media, including their latest documentary. 

Ingrid Koss is the Communications Writer at Square One World Media. 

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The 7 Big Questions: Searching for God, Truth, and Purpose with Bruce B. Miller

Bruce B. Miller, author, speaker and pastor of Christ Fellowship Church in McKinney tackles some of the most common questions individuals uncertain of their faith often ask in his new book “The 7 Big Questions: Searching for God, Truth, and Purpose,” released on October 4, 2022.   

“We all have big questions about God, our purpose here and why bad things happen,” says Miller. “It’s not enough to believe in something simply because someone told you; there’s no depth to that. We must be critical and intentional in pursuing truth and letting the answers we discover inform our beliefs.” 

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Manitoba Planetarium wins science award for innovative home program

The Manitoba Museum's Planetarium has accepted the "Best Program" award from the Canadian Association of Sciences Centres at the CASCADE award ceremony for its Dome@Home live-stream program. 

On Thursday, October 13, the CASCADE awards took place. It is a juried selection process, where several nominated programs go through a pool and judgement to decide which ones make the final selection. 

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New study reveals what teens think about Jesus

According to new research, roughly half of today's teenagers feel positively about Jesus. 

A report from Barna Group out of California asked questions about the Bible and faith to teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19 from 26 different countries. 

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10-months after debut, Katy Nichole receives AMA nomination

2022 debut singer and songwriter, Katy Nichole shares her excitement with her fans for her first time being nominated for the American Music Awards.

Before her career, Nichole sang in her church choir, wrote songs and led worship. It was not until January 26, 2022, when she released her debut single, "In Jesus Name (God of Possible)" that she instantly gained popularity. Her song was a record-breaking Billboard No. 1 hit and is the first song this decade to reach 20 weeks at No. 1 on the Hot Christian Songs chart.

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Winnipeg safe space expanding services for Indigenous women and girls with new funds

An Indigenous-led safe space for sexually exploited women and girls is expecting to expand its reach in Winnipeg with funds from the federal government. 

Ottawa says nearly $7 million is to help with operating costs at Velma's House.

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Dying to live: Experiencing God's redemptive power in the midst of tragedy

Bryn Elliott's life was marked by trauma, abuse, addiction, rape, rebellion, and the tragic murder of her older sister, Abbe.

"It's a story of brokenness in every way," said Bryn." I didn't see any way out. I didn't see any hope for my future."

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Back to Square One: 'Using the gospel to transform the lives of people'

The Christian media company Square One World Media is thrilled to celebrate 75 years of spreading the gospel and hope through Jesus Christ around the world. 

Rein Cabalquinto is the Communications and Video Production Assistant at Square One World Media in Winnipeg. 

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Couple on honeymoon rescue 20 babies from burning building

A couple from Rhode Island was in Spain during their honeymoon when they saw a building on fire and sprang into action. 

Doran Smith and David Squillante went to Barcelona, Spain last month for their honeymoon, two years after their wedding. The trip had been postponed like many people due to the pandemic and travel restrictions. 

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Stand in confidence: Sinking in insecurity to rising in your God-given identity

Confidence, it's something that many people struggle with, especially women.

Amanda Pittman, now the founder of Confident Woman Co., struggled with insecurity for a large portion of her life. 

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Back to Square One: Reaching remote places in the world with the love of God

Square One World Media has chosen to use technology for God's kingdom on earth for the past 75 years and the staff is thrilled to continue doing so. 

Grant Hoeppner is the Production Manager at Square One World Media. 

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Family experiences God's faithfulness through new pastor

Just weeks after being hired as lead pastor at a Mennonite church in Winnipeg, Brian Wiebe became the hands and feet of Jesus to a family in need.

Rose Kauenhowen lost her husband Kennet almost one year ago in their home, on November 1, 2021.  Kennet had a physical the morning he died and the doctors said everything was good. Later they found out he had a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy, also known as the 'widow maker' as it's basically undetectable. 

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Find creative spark with God-centred art sessions

Mud in Your Eyes Creatives is offering a three-day art workshop for those who wish to experience connecting with the religious community and unlock their inner artist.

"Hanging by a Thread," will take place from Thursday, October 20 to Saturday, October 22 at the Winnipeg Christian Centre. 

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How an Anne Wilson song saved a woman's life

Anne Wilson's song 'My Jesus' was the catalyst that made a woman reconsider taking her own life. 

The Christian hit single was released back on April 16, 2021. Wilson was a teenager when she lost her brother in a tragic accident. It was this loss, grief, and faith that inspired Wilson to write 'My Jesus.'

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'Opportunity for young girls to not feel ashamed': 12-month pilot project in effect

The Manitoba Government partnering with Shopper's Drug Mart has inspired a new pilot project for the city of Winnipeg to offer free menstrual products for a year.

Earlier this year, Point Douglas City Councillor, Vivian Santos, moved a motion at a property and planning committee meeting regarding the total cost of offering free menstrual products in all city civic buildings, including libraries, community centres, recreational centres and pools. The pilot project has eight locations selected to receive new product dispensers and free menstruation products.

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Christian aid surges into Florida after Hurricane Ian

Once again, the Gulf Coast Church of Christ is serving as a relief hub after a major hurricane pounded Florida.

But this hurricane, Ian, surpassed anything church members had seen.

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LISTEN: Police officer serenades with piano medley in church

A police officer from Chatanooga, Tenn. started off the week on duty with a piano hymn to soothe the soul. 

"To start this week on the right foot, we wanted to show off one of our favorite investigators displaying his musical talents," posted the Chatanooga Police Department on their Facebook page. 

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From assault & depression to miscarriage & cancer: How Nicole Jacobsmeyer found joy again

Traumatic experiences can leave even the most devoted Christians wondering, Where is God in all this? Loss, disappointment and hardship take a toll, stealing joy and hope from those who need it most. Have you been there? You’re not alone.

In, Take Back Your Joy: Fighting for Purpose When Life Is More Than You Can Handle, Nicole Jacobsmeyer recounts how she felt defeated and ill-prepared for a decade of relentless trials, from sexual assault and depression to miscarriage and cancer. With a heart full of questions about the God she was raised to love, Nicole began to doubt. Had God given her more than she could handle? She also discovered that there is always more to the story with Christ.

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Impacting countries one child at a time for the kingdom of God

The team at Child Care International is seeing that when you believe in the potential of a child, there's no telling what God can do with their future. 

Jose Prem is the Executive Director at Child Care International (CCI), based out of Surrey, B.C. 

"This year we have been expanding our presence in the countries we are working in," says Prem. "We have added a new school in the Dominican Republic and I just made a trip to Guatemala where we're going to more than double our presence there."

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Word and worship event: 'God is ready for us, are we ready for Him?'

The word and worship event known as The Uncuffed will be a time of singing, dancing, and praising God at the Convention Centre this Friday. 

Yettie Adewumi is the co-pastor with her husband at the Redeemed Christian Church of God Rhema Sanctuary in Winnipeg. 

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WATCH: Jesus Revolution depicts hippies colliding with God's love

While the new movie Jesus Revolution is set in the 70s, the actors are hoping it inspires a movement in our time. 

The movie stars Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus in The Chosen TV series. It also has Kelsey Grammar, the star of Frasier as the lead pastor of a conservative and dwindling church. 

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Tomb of St. Nicholas, man who inspired Santa, believed to be found

The tomb of St. Nicholas is believed to be found in Turkey, over 1,600 years after he died.

Archeologists uncovered a tomb at the Byzantine church in Turkey. The bishop known as St. Nicholas died in 343 A.D. Archeologists first discovered gaps under the church floors using electronic surveys in 2017. 

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