Kentucky teen starts prayer wall in public school after issues with suicide

A teenage girl who has been struggling with thoughts of suicide has recently found strength in Scripture and decided to share it with the rest of her school in Kentucky. 

"Over the year my love for my Lord has saved me more and more," said Sophy Jones on Facebook a few weeks ago. Jones attends Whitley County High.

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'God is somebody who cares about my language': Bible translation changing lives

In northern Brazil, Scripture is beginning to be shared in a language that millions of people speak. Ed Weaver with Spoken Worldwide says these language speakers are often overlooked and humiliated by others in their country. They are marginalized, underserved, and lacking the Word of God.

An oral Bible translation team recently visited a remote village of the people group. They wanted to learn about village life and meet some of the local people.

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After Death crowd investors receive significant payout

A documentary created by a Winnipeg filmmaker, which became the top-grossing faith documentary of all time, is now paying back its crowd investors. 

Stephen Gray's After Death hit 2,000 theatres across Canada and the United States on Oct. 27 and came out #4 at the box office, taking in $5,060,815 and making it the #12 highest-grossing opening for a documentary.

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Writer shares survival story of pastor shot 6 times

Amy Joy Hess' childhood was anything but normal. She grew up in a home with eight children from four different fathers. Most of them died at some point, except for Hess' father. 

Despite all of this, Amy grew up knowing God.  

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LISTEN: Gloria Gaynor teams up with virtual choir to share the gospel

Legendary singer Gloria Gaynor has teamed up with Harrison Sheckler and his virtual choir to release a special music video.

The special version of Gaynor's song, 'Talkin' Bout Jesus,' was released in time for Martin Luther King Jr. Day to share the message of how hope and resilience can be found in Jesus Christ. 

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Local leaders work together to Warm Our Winnipeg

Winter has arrived here in Winnipeg and for those experiencing homelessness, it's even tougher than normal. 

Thinking back to when she originally came to Canada, it didn't take long for Kanyinsola to realize how cold it can get.

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PGA Golf champ Grayson Murray overcomes alcoholism, gives glory to God

"Jesus Christ is first and foremost," says PGA tour champion Grayson Murray in a live national TV interview, sharing how he got there. 

The Sony Open took place in Honolulu, Hawaii, on January 14. Murray took the victory in the Open after sinking a 40-foot birdie putt. 

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Mother praises God after having both legs amputated following kidney stone surgery

A mother from Kentucky who recently lost both legs and is scheduled to have her hands amputated is praising God for saving her life. 

In October, 41-year-old Lucinda Mullins went in for surgery to remove a kidney stone. A second stone remained, and a stent was put in to help it pass. A few days later, the stent was removed, and Mullins began to feel very ill.

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'Jesus was in that car with me': Cleveland nurse shares God's glory after surviving horrific crash

2023 is a year that Amy Schall will never forget.

Back in May, the 23-year-old nurse ended up in a coma after being involved in a serious crash. Schall says she was on her way to work when a driver allegedly drove through a red light and t-boned her car.  

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'I am praising God': Four-year-old non-verbal boy found safe after three days lost in the woods

A four-year-old boy from Alabama is alive and well after spending three cold days alone in the woods.  

Phenix Wilkerson, who is autistic and non-verbal, went missing on Friday, Jan. 12. Local police, friends, family and even strangers quickly joined in the search for the missing boy.

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Jordan St. Cyr's new song is 'an altar' for his family to look back at God's faithfulness

Jordan St. Cyr has seen God prepare a way for his family and his music career over the years, and his latest single is a testimony that's sure to encourage others as well.

St. Cyr joined Mike Thom and shared insights into his life, faith journey, and the inspiration behind his upcoming song, "A Way for Us." Watch the full interview here and read more for some powerful insights from the Manitoba native.

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One voice, many cultures: local churches uniting for night of worship & prayer

A group of musicians, preachers, and others from various congregations are teaming up to bring a special evening focussed on uniting the Church of Winnipeg and help one another go deeper in their faith.

Deeper is a special evening of worship, prayer, and a gospel message coming up on Jan. 20 at New Beginnings Church (1073 St. Mary's Road), at 6 p.m. 

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Professor Popsicle retiring to continue mission work

Gordon Giesbrecht, A.K.A. Professor Popsicle is retiring from the University of Manitoba to continue missions work around the globe. 

Giesbrecht has put himself in many hypothermic situations all in the name of science and research that has helped save lives. He shares he's put himself into hypothermia 40 times for research purposes. 

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